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            中 文 English Globalsite

            Welcome to JTEKT China website

            JTEKT originally is Koyo Seiko (founded in 1921) and Toyoda Machine Works (founded in 1941).

            Koyo Seiko was a world-class manufacturer of bearings which turn the wheels of industry. In 1988 Koyo Seiko was succeeded in developing world's first electric power steering(EPS) and put it into mass production.

            Toyoda Machine Works was a machine tool manufacturer excelling in world-leading technologies with customers all over world. Toyoda Machine Works also produced and sold automotive components as steerings and driveline components.

            Since JTEKT was established in January 2006 through the merger of Koyo Seiko(founded in 1921) and Toyoda Machine Works. According to the corporate philosophy "seek to contribute to the happiness of people and the abundance of society through product manufacturing that wins the trust of society",we produce and sell JTEKT automotive components, Koyo bearings and TOYODA machine tools,do our best to provide high-quality products and sincere service for every customer with our suppliers, partners and dealers in China.


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